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NJ D.O.T. APPROVED TRUCKS at S.P.A. (SPA) Safety Systems, Flanders, NJSPA Safety Systems operates in the most stringent and DOT regulated environment for TMA trucks in the USA.

S.P.A. Safety Trucks are among the best designed, fabricated and serviced in the USA today and meet NJ DOT Certification. S.P.A. Safety Equipment has developed safety trucks to meet or exceed government requirements so you have peace of mind knowing that S.P.A. Safety Trucks protect your workers from oncoming traffic.  Click here to read more >  

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  In cab controls for attenuator and arrow board LED Amber Lights that project 360° around the truck A maximum GVW of 26,000 lbs to allow a versatility of operators Meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 Federal Standard
TMA Attenuator Crash Trucks made in the USA by SPA Safety Systems, Flanders, NJ
 spacer  spacer A minimum 20,000 lb Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) The bottom of the arrow board is approximately 7’ off the ground when it is deployed.  spacer

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 S.P.A. Cone trucks feature rear mounted man basket with steps, Back-Chat box to communicate with the driver, flood lights, arrow lights, flashing strobes, rear mounted camera and much much more. -  Click here to read more >

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1) A 20 foot long steel body - Optimizes amount of traffic barriers and cones carried per load 2) Custom welded side racks - More suitable to hold larger payloads 3) E tracks running the entire length of the body - To securely strap the load 11) 8  LED spot lights that illuminate work area - Permits greater visibility and safety for the workers 7) 6 Flashing LED Amber Lights that project 360° around the truck 6) Custom designed man basket attached to rear of truck - For workers to stand closer to ground for safe & efficient laying of cones/barrels on either side of the truck; and Equipped with D-rings to tether worker to truck to prevent a fall
TMA Cone Truck features
9) A Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) and intercom system that allows viewing access and communication between driver and platform  the driver to see the activity on the platform at the ear of the truck 10) Mounted to dash Intercom system that maintains a constant open channel of communication so the driver can hear what is happening at the rear of the truck at all times. The driver can also communicate with the platform with the press of a button 5) Two dedicated holders for standard 4’ x 4’ traffic safety signs 8) Proper DOT reflective tape 4) Swing open access gate near bulkhead - Large enough to accommodate a standard 40”x 48” pallet for quick loading via forklift  

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